Its detriment and benefit

At the onset of the pandemic, we were forced to reprioritize. The world slowed and we sat with ourselves, contemplating our lives. Maybe we tried journaling, breathwork, maybe we baked bread, but we all spent more time online- whether you downloaded, deleted, and redownloaded TikTok (x3), or Zoomed from meetings into lackluster happy hours. As we continue to connect mostly through the internet and normalize the exorbitant amount of time spent on screens, this virtual connection continues to wrap us in what can feel like an unending daily chase. …

Buena Vista Park, SF- Kay Feker

Quick response to recent climate events

Waking up to pictures of red skies is the latest troubling news during a week of California wildfires spreading across the west. It’s a time loop from the last four years in August- adding now a worsening Hurricane season, rapidly changing temperatures and political unrest, layered ontop a pandemic, and yes apparently there’s a Mars Retrograde in Aries. Is this the dystopia before the world as we know it ends? It doesn’t just feel like it, it looks like it.

Franklin D Roosevelt, a notable conservationist, stated in his inauguration speech during the Great Depression:

“Let me assert my firm…

Air Jordan — CR

Michael Jordan’s mental play made him the greatest

As a Chicago native, the 90’s Bulls team was integral to my childhood. My siblings and I wore red jerseys splattered with ice-cream, sporting 23, 33, and 91, as we ran around our neighborhood barefoot during humid midwestern summers. We begged to drive by Michael Jordan’s white mansion a few towns over to catch a glimpse of his life behind a rod iron fence. Deloris Jordan’s parenting book, Family First: Winning the Parenting Game, displayed on our bookshelf so my parents could raise us to ‘be like Mike.’ …

a story on loss and acceptance

Wafts of ginger, garlic and sundry spices float up to where I stand on the stairs looking down at the foyer.

“Got to go. Congrats again on getting in!” I put the phone in my pocket as my chest swells, excited to share my brother’s news- his acceptance into his program of choice at Northwestern. I slide my hands along the curved wooden banister while jumping on every other ornate, carpeted stair.

At 1 pm, the kitchen routinely bustles- filled with lunchtime chatter, three voices dancing between Hindi and English, pots clanking, onions sizzling. …

Colleen Riley

Figuring it out with help from pen and paper, keys and monitor

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